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Saturn Inflatable Kayaks

Saturn inflatable expedition kayaks are ready for miles of exploration anywhere in the world! Easily portable, this inflatable kayak is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. The Saturn inflatable kayak is also vital in cases when vessel’s portability is important. 
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If you have a love for fun and live near a body of water, yet have no place to store a full-sized hard-body kayak, then a Saturn inflatable kayak will keep you ready for adventure at any moment.

Saturn inflatable kayaks are made of heavy-duty 1100-denier PVC. The kayak floor is made of a high-pressure drop stitch fabric that is extremely stiff when inflated – as hard as a rock – but still can be rolled up and folded when deflated. 

Expedition inflatable kayaks come with two removable thwarts that can be installed almost anywhere and can be used as a back support. Expedition kayaks come with pre-installed D-rings to accept up one or two kayak seats (not included).

Saturn Expedition Kayak RK375



Overall Length 12'
Overall Width 3'
Interior Width 14"
Tube Diameter 12"
Air Chambers

3 + 2

Kayak Weight 35 lbs
Shipping Size 45 x 24 x 13"
Persons Capacity 1+1
Weight Capacity 600 lbs
Color blue
Saturn inflatable kayak at Bahia Honda park in Fl. Keys Saturn RK375 inflatable kayaks at USVI.
Front view of Saturn inflatable kayak RK375 Two people riding Saturn inflatable kayak
One person riding Saturn inflatable kayak Saturn inflatable kayak in tropical paradise

Model# RK375B
SALE PRICE: $1,258.00
YOUR PRICE: $629.00
+SHIPPING: $39.00
TOTAL COST: $668.00

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Saturn Fishing Kayak FK396

Easy to carry and portable to store, this PRO-Angler kayak is a must for any fishing enthusiast.
Fishing Inflatable Kayaks
Same as Expedition kayak, this vessel is made of heavy-duty 1100 denier PVC fabric with Polyester support. The floor is made of a high-pressure air deck that is extremely rigid when inflated. In addition, a double layer of PVC fabric is applied to the air floor and on top of the tubes, in between the benches to prevent accidental fishing hook accidents. Rigid high buoyancy tubes make Saturn FK396 kayak so stable, that you can stand up and fish if needed.

FK396 Fishing Series kayaks come with 2 removable aluminum benches that can be used for mounting various hardware, such as rod holders, fish finder, GPS units, video cameras, dive flags, anchor mounts, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

What makes this kayak so unique, is the multitude of ways it can be used. You can sit directly on the aluminum bench and paddle with kayak or canoe paddles. No kayak seats are needed for that! Or, you can attach comfortable foldable boat chairs with swivel platform directly to aluminum benches. You can also remove the aluminum benches, and install 2 regular kayak seats instead. It is also possible to replace the rear aluminum bench with a longer version and add a vertical plate for an optional electric motor. Or maybe even attach a custom made sail kit directly to the front bench. Configuration possibilities for this fishing kayak are literally endless!

The Saturn FK396 fishing inflatable kayak is a breeze to paddle due to its narrow profile and oversized high buoyancy tubes. However, if you need to move the kayak seat slightly higher, or your rear does not fit in between the kayak tubes, a type IV flotation cushion, that is sold for around $10 in many retail and outdoor stores, will fit nicely on the bottom of this kayak and right under the kayak seat. It also will act as a PFD in case of an emergency, or beach seat cushion once you get ashore.



Overall Length 13'
Overall Width 3'
Interior Width 14"
Tube Diameter 12"
Air Chambers


Floor Type High-Pressure Air Deck
Weight 43 lbs
Shipping Size 45 x 24 x 13"
Persons Capacity 1+1
Weight Capacity 700 lbs
Color green
Saturn inflatable fishing kayak Pro angler fisherman standing in inflatable fishing kayak
Inflatable fishing kayak with sun shade canopy Fishing from Saturn inflatable fishing kayak
Standing fishing from Inflatable Fishing Kayak FK396 Nice size fish caught from inflatable kayak

Model# FK396
SALE PRICE: $1,318.00
YOUR PRICE: $659.00
+SHIPPING: $39.00
TOTAL COST: $698.00

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